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Cast Acrylic Bi-fold Door for Marine Applications

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Acrylic Bi-Fold Door
Acrylic Bi-Fold Door
Acrylic Bi-Fold Door
  Acrylic Bi-Fold Door
Bi-Fold Door

As with all custom components Paragon Plastics, Inc. manufactures, the project begins with a concept or drawing from the customer. Once the design has been finalized and the Bill of Materials approved, Engineering can begin laying out the full sheet program to cut the doors out of cast acrylic on a 3-Axis CNC.  The layout for the CNC will nest the parts closely to maximize sheet yield and reduce waste.  After the doors are cut on the CNC, the operator will remove the “skin” around the doors on the router table with a flush-cut straight bit before the doors are moved to the sanding and polishing station.  At the next stage, the cut edges of the doors are then sanded and polished to remove tooling marks from the CNC operation.  The stainless steel hardware will be added during final assembly and the final product will be prepared for shipment.  Unless specified otherwise by the customer, all marine hardware is stainless steel to extend product life in saltwater or other harsh environments.   

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Product Description

Capabilities Applied/Processes 3-axis CNC machining
Light assembly
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part DMS 3-axis router
Overall Part Dimensions 20.125" x 31.500 " x 0.375"
Tightest Tolerances ±0.030"
Material Used 0.375" Cast Acrylic
SS latch & latch catch
SS butterfly hinges
Features Door halves are joined w/2 SS hinges, #8 machine screws and #8 ESNA nuts.  A SS latch & latch catch are used in addition to snaps to stow the door.
In process testing performed Dimensional testing using digital calipers
Estimated Part Weight 10 lbs
Industry for Use Marine
Quantity 2,000
Delivery Location Florida
Standards Met Customer supplied print
Product Name Bi-fold door

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