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HIPS Plastic Cover for Point-of-Purchase Industry

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POP Cooler
HIPS Plastic Cooler Cover
HIPS Plastic Cooler Cover
  POP Cooler Shroud
Plastic POP Cooler Cover

Not all Point-Of-Purchase (POP) displays are shelves placed close to the cash register.  The latest trend in POP marketing is to place a large tub near the cash register or door filled with iced beverages.  Paragon Plastics, Inc. has been fortunate to work closely with several high profile customers with such a requirement.  One customer required creative solutions from our Engineering Team that successfully achieved specific geometries which maintained brand identity while facilitating the vacuum forming process.  This High Impact PolyStyrene Plastic Cover consists of three vacuum formed component parts.  The patterns for tooling were milled on one of our 5-Axis CNC’s and then shipped to the foundry to have the aluminum tools cast.  Two side panels and a cap are vacuum formed and then trimmed on a 5-Axis CNC to complete one unit.  A local vendor was sourced for logo decals that were applied to the side panels.  The components were shipped to the customer where final assembly was done at their facility.   

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Product Description

Capabilities Applied/Processes Thermoforming
5-axis CNC machining
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part 3-station rotary forming machine
DMS 5-axis router
Overall Part Dimensions Cooler cap: 0.187" x 3.540 " x 23.700"
Cooler body: 0.187" x 37.540" x 24"
Tightest Tolerances ±0.2mm
Material Used High Impact Polystyrene
Features Specific components bonded w/VHB tape
In process testing performed Dimensional testing using digital calipers

Work instructions

Estimated Part Weight 10 lbs
Industry for Use Point of purchase
Quantity 300
Delivery Location North Carolina
Standards Met Customer supplied print
Product Name HIPS Plastic Cover for P-O-P Industry

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