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HMWPE Plastic Dunnage Container

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HDPE Thermoformed Tote
HMWPE Plastic Dunnage Container
HMWPE Plastic Dunnage Container
  HDPE Thermoformed Tote
Plastic Dunnage Container Drawing

With the wide variety of thermoplastics available, there are certain to be practical material choices for every application.  The material properties of HMWPE made it an easy choice for these dunnage containers.  With a customer supplied print, we created vacuum form tooling, a CNC fixture and CNC trim program that would consistently replicate what was represented in the customer’s drawing.  These containers were designed so they could be stacked when in use and nested together when not in use.  A similar application would be kitting trays that would allow for visual inventory of component parts as they move down an assembly line.  If you have a need for durable dunnage containers or kitting trays, give us a call.  We can design the tote that will fill your niche requirements.

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Product Description

Capabilities Applied/Processes Thermoforming
5-axis CNC 
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part 3-station rotary thermoformer

DMS 5-axis CNC router

Overall Part Dimensions 23.750" x 23.750 " x 6.875"
Tightest Tolerances ±0.2mm
Material Used High Molecular Weight Polyethylene
Features Nesting totes w/cutouts for handles
In process testing performed Dimensional testing using digital calipers
Estimated Part Weight 5 lbs
Industry for Use US Military
Quantity 1,000
Delivery Location Florida
Standards Met Customer supplied print
Product Name HMWPE Dunnage Container

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