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Manhole Inflow Dish for the Construction Industry

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Manhole Inflow Dish
Manhole Inflow Dish
Manhole Inflow Dish
  Manhole Inflow Dish View
Manhole Inflow Dish View
Manhole Inflow Dish View
  Manhole Inflow Dish Drawing
Manhole Inflow Dish Drawing
Manhole Inflow Dish Drawing

Paragon Plastics manufactured this featured manhole inflow dish out of a combination of HMWPE material. Using a customer supplied print, we loaded a sheet of 31" x 31" x 0.180" black HMWPE into our mold and used a female draw to form the sheet to the full detail of the mold. We removed the formed part and allowed it to cool for 3 cycles. Once cool, we used a #10 drill bit to drill a hole for the nylon strap and then routed the perimeter of the dish. We riveted the strap to the dish using a #64 large flange rivet and a 1/16" x 1" fender washer.  Once manufacturing was complete and the part had been inspected for defects, we finished assembly by installing a rubber gasket around the perimeter. The final dish measured 25.25" in outside diameter and 5.47" in height. To prepare the order for delivery, we then stacked them in groups of 25, with 100 dishes per each 48" by 48" pallet. Each pallet was then packed in a 48" by 48" cardboard sleeve and tightly shrink-wrapped. A tracer tag was attached to each completed pallet, and we shipped the order to our client.

Our careful attention to customer specifications combined with our forming expertise resulted in a superior product that surpassed our client's high standards. To learn more about this project or other Paragon Plastic services, please contact us.

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Product Description

Capabilities Applied/Processes Thermoforming
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part 3-station Rotary Forming Machine
Overall Part Dimensions Material: 31" x 31" x 0.180"

Diameter: 25.25"
Height: 5.47"
#64 Rivet
¼" Gasket
Tightest Tolerances 0.03"
Material Used HMWPE
Neopreme (Gasket)
Nylon (Strap)
Stainless Steel (Washer)
Typical Operations Forming:
Load sheet and form to full detail of mold
Rough saw along clamp frame
Scribe lines in corners
Allow to cool for three cycles
Drill #10 hole for strap
Route perimeter
Rivet Strap
Inspect for defects
Install rubber gasket
Stack 25 per stack
100 Per 48"x48" pallet
Use 48"x48" cardboard sleeve and shrink wrap tightly
Attach tracer tag to completed pallet
Estimated Part Weight 5 lbs
Industry for Use Construction
Quantity 10,000
Delivery Location Florida
Standards Met Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name Manhole Inflow Dish

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